Create for each other, invest in each other, trade with each other

Hi, my name is Victor. I am co-owner of Meet My By The Baobab Tree. Today marks a special day for BAOBAB at a unique moment in history … And my third son, Azu, was born last week…So lots to celebrate …

Today, we launch BAOBAB platform, I call it a platform despite its appearance of a simple online store, because of what I hope it to be… It is a platform for invited creatives, doers, thinkers and artists who dare to dream and who want to inspire others to dream. The pandemic has changed the course of time, there is no going back to some of the pre-covid norms…. It has caused us all to re-think our place in time on this earth, to re-invent ourselves, re-connect with each other in ways we hadn’t before.

In effect, Covid has accelerated all things that were being held back in us, in to the future: Individually, some of us have discovered new talents, others have finally made that career change… On a societal level our relationship to health, physicality and our home/work environment(s) has changed… Historically, we have always integrated technology into our daily lives – Covid will make this integration more tightly coupled.

So, why start with an online store? It is my view that our behaviours in civilised society are best expressed in markets. It is weaving our creative powers together and exchanging them that creates the value that underpins our local and global economies.
Unfortunately, in today’s economies – those powers are skewed to focusing on monetary gain only, irrespective of the destruction it may cause… And let me be clear — monetary gain, in my view, is an output of the values we exchange — it is the methods we use to attain it and more importantly how we reinvest it thereafter …. that we tend to get wrong in our economies.

BAOBAB platform is a place to weave ideas and dreams that can inspire each other, moreover allow us to express our ideas and values through commerce. It is through the store that BAOBAB will grow but we want to look beyond the store in terms of business model and look to invent new ones, with cooperation being a key strategy, especially with art, artists, craftspeople and musicians.

That is all for now… Thanks for listening, I am looking forward to building this… I hope you enjoy at least this seed we have planted today.


Words by Victor Matekole

Victor Matekole is born and educated in Manchester, England and a CS graduate of Salford University. His background is in web and software development – he has worked in global corporations and digital agencies across Europe and help develop early stage startups.

He is founder of and founding board member and former consultant and contributor to He thinks perception is learned and that it is important to allow different perspectives to thrive and be integrated — enabling new unimaginative constructs and ideas. Through his experience creating BAOBAB — he has discovered giving your power to others is important, so that one can receive new unimagined powers.