Art review: Die Erde Ist Hohl

This is a digital transcription of a piece I wrote with a pencil on a sheet of paper.

In fact, after reading - necessarily in one go - about Andrea Schulze’s incredible adventure inside the earth - yes, because the earth is hollow - I thought in order to write I would rely on something I could hold tightly in my hand: a pencil. And I advise readers to always pack paper and pencils before setting out on a journey!

That’s what the author of “Die Erde ist Hohl!” did, and so we now have the first drawn testimony of what goes on inside the earth. She also confirms that the earth is hollow - but not empty. There is a whole world here inside the world. A world turned upside down, where the author discovers first of all that she has ground under her feet! (Honestly, I’d take a trip there nowadays …). The many bound but unnumbered pages of Andrea Schulz’s book are the sketches, descriptions, questions, summaries and counting of the days she spent inside the earth. Once inside the earth, Andrea Schulz photographs what she sees: the sea and the sun reflected in it and later on the wall of sleep with those waiting … She makes 36 attempts to photographically reproduce the interior of the earth.

The photos unfortunately don’t come out as they should. The result is masterly executed pictures with all shades of grey. She then relies on sketches, powerful and completely declined, and on letters to describe what is around her: a bit of sea, a lot of land, the radial sun and rain, the strange birds that land on their heads. Soon appear members of the A-people with their functional hairstyles and the pencil-grey colour of their skin - that is the same for everyone.

Even the interior of the earth has its problems, that of the shadow for example; and its questions: is the only breast of the women waning like their belly because of the many children they give birth to? Peculiar, the anatomy of the A- people - their greetings, their habits … the writing of the A people is an aesthetic enjoyment for readers of Andrea Schulz’s book from the outside of the earth. In short, Andrea Schulz’s “Die Erde ist Hohl” is a beautiful, fine, and intelligent book that should be in every home among other rare books, under the rubric “travels within the world.”

Words by Antoanetta Marinov

Antoanetta Marinov sells magic wands and the like, writes books without beginning or end and tells stories old and new. Intrigued by the moment in which objects come alive, are charged and discharged with value, she explores the multitude of things given and happening.
She gladly collaborates with Meet Me By The Baobab Tree for obvious reasons...

Antoanetta Marinov studied Literatures in Rome, Fine Art in Karlsruhe and Storytelling in Berlin.
Her artwork is shown in art institutions and public spaces. She is also published by Bella Diamanté Publishing; backbonebooks, Marc Pezinger Verlag, Material and Mumok.