BAOBAB Session 1

In the contemporary tradition of May Day in Berlin — we celebrated beneath the BAOBAB by bringing people together of all ages and cultures to dance to music from far and wide.

BAOBAB hosted Records From Far Away a DJ collective based in Berlin that aims to support and promote ethnic music and its derivatives.

In the early morning we picked up the DJs to setup, and the day started nervously with rain… However, the desire and energy of those that wanted to celebrate, provoked the universe otherwise…

People who came, wanted to make music and dance … And eventually, so did the sun. It was the most beautiful and energetic day that BAOBAB has witnessed so far, thank you to all that made it so! Peace, love and light.

Watch out for further collaborations with UBBBRRU, Musica Matta and Les Giants. Records From Far Away makes a lot of fun and cool vibes!

Here is a recording of the whole session!

(World Funk & Psychedelic, Dub & Beats, Cumbia)

Musica Matta
(African, Middle East, Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Carnival)

Les Giants
(Oriental Ethnic Folk)

The Baobab Session Artwork by Nicolò Ferretti