BAOBAB evolving

“Meet me by the Baobab tree”, locally known as BAOBAB! opened up on 15th December of 2017. The journey so far has been tremendous and we are indebted to those that have been with us all the way. From the Baumgartners, the owners of the building, who from day one were super supportive in our ideas, to Andrea and Christoph who put in their full creative power, kind Carolin with her precise and thoughtful translations, Volki and Judith, who, in their typical altruistic style, dug in and helped us build and develop the kitchen in its currently loved form, our trusty staff team members Clementine and Jutta, and finally — Stammkunden like Andreas, Antje, Howard, Liron, Petra, Sarah, Simone and Zoran — too many to mention.

BAOBAB rose out of the combined experiences and personalities of myself and my amazing wife Györgyi. In the beginning, we were very naive and did everything with our hearts — we thought with hardwork and the right intentions we could create an inspirational space for Soldiner kiez that would be self-sustaining…

We know BAOBAB is very much loved … However, in its current form it is simply unsustainable, moreover, BAOBAB has given increasing mental and physical stress which has been unhealthy for our family. Our family needs to find balance between BAOBAB and the community forming around it.

Having BAOBAB solely dependent on people consuming, isn’t working in the short to medium term nor is it constructive for the kiez in the long-run.

With this in mind, BAOBAB will evolve in the coming months as it accommodates for our new service — BAOBAB Spaces. The much loved cakes, coffee, eintopfs and soups will remain — that will never change! Györgyi is also working on a fantastic new breakfast menu — taking BAOBAB’s already famous breakfasts to a whole new level!

BAOBAB Spaces will be our exciting new coworking space! Supporting independent workers and entrepreneurs. BAOBAB Spaces represents the values that I especially have — the world needs people being creative and productive to make a difference in it. People working on their individual pursuits/ventures, which culminate into a positive impact in the world!

We will update you as things progress but rest assured — BAOBAB is here to stay and is still the tree that inspires, serves and nourishes the people of the kiez.

If you have opinions on this change or want to contribute in some way, we are happy to hear from you. Please come in for a chat or contact us on