Our story

Written by all of you

The story of “Meet me by the BAOBAB tree” starts with Györgyi Bóka and Victor Matekole. Together with their 2-year-old son Levente they live in Soldiner Kiez. Györgyi has always been passionate about connecting with people and bringing out joy in others. Cooking healthy food that is accessible to all, allows her to do just that. Victor is an opensource entrepreneur and the founder of Seedbloom. Both personally and professionally, he is always looking for new ways to elevate people and communities.

Their combined passions have resulted in a warm and welcoming space where homily food with a contemporary twist is served to the community. From the bread to the sweets: everything is made in-house. Residents of Soldiner Kiez are encouraged to meet and connect over Eintopf and Strudel, even if it is just to exchange a friendly smile. It is Germany after all.

In the next few years, the ambitions for BAOBAB are to transform it into an important community hub. Together with you and other Kiez groups, we hope to contribute to food education, community elevation, and activism in Soldiner Kiez and beyond. So, please stop by and meet us by the BAOBAB tree,



from 10:00 o'clock

Monday till 19:00 and Tuesday till 14:00.
Thursday and Friday till 19:00.
Sunday till 17:00 o'clock